Tahitian pearl, semi-round


Tahitian pearls are cultured saltwater pearls produced by black lipped oysters (Pinctada margaritifera) native to French Polynesia. These come from Rikitea, a village on Mangareva Island in the Gambier Islands.

All those that you will find on our site are not dyed and their colors are completely natural. They are also all non-pierced. The scale we use here is from A to AAA +.

We describe the color of the pearls with their base color (white, pink, cream, gray), then the complement color (the secondary colors which are superimposed on the base color), finally the iridescence or the orient (the colors that we observe when moving the pearl). 

The shape can be round (the most desirable), semi-round, semi-baroque or baroque (very irregular), it can also be oval, pear, button (round and slightly flattened), oblong, etc. 

Another quality factor is the appearance of the pearl surface. It can be perfect (no visible flaws), have spots and pitting (small cavities on the surface), scratches or circular marks. It is very rarely perfect. 

Color: Dark gray

Complement color: Purple

Orient: Green

Shape: Semi-round

Dimension: 9.00 mm

Luster: Excellent

Quality: AAA

Origin: French Polynesia

Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor.

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