Bumblebee stone


This stone often called bumblebee jasper is not (as the name suggests) of the jasper family. It is its bands of colors that earned it the name of bumblebeee jasper. It is a mixture of materials and volcanic ash, gypsum, barite, sulphide and even orpiment (a pigment composed of arsenic!). Since this material is fragile, it has been stabilized with resin to provide better stability and durability. We find it on the island of Java in Indonesia on the volcano named Mount Papandayan.

Variety: Quartz

Color: Yellow, gray, white and black

Dimensions: 41.00 x 16.00 mm

Weight: 26.37 ct

Shape: Cabochon marquise

Origin: Indonesia

Treatment: Stabilized

Hardness: 5 Mohs


Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor.

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